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Space Between Scaffolding Tubes and Bridging Braces Erection Standards

Space Between Scaffolding Tubes and Bridging Braces Erection Standards
Issue Time:2019-08-15
1, pole, long bar, to meet the short rail and other ringlock scaffolding construction related specification and program requirements. When the case of the door need to increase the spacing specification the strength should be reinforced.

2, as a scaffolding pole main force bar, set the spacing should be uniform, non-spacing increase, otherwise it will reduce the carrying capacity of the stem; long-distance rail step change will also affect the carrying capacity of the scaffolding when the stride is increased from 1.2m when 1.8m, critical load decreased by 27%.

3, scissors is an important structure to prevent longitudinal deformation of scaffolding, a reasonable set of scissors can also enhance the overall stiffness of the scaffolding, improve the carrying capacity of more than 12%.

Scissors set the standard:
(1) bridging across each pole root root number 5-7 (> 6m), oblique angle between the club and the ground 45 ° -60 °.
(2) the height of 24m below the single, double scaffolding, must be provided at both ends of each of the outer facade of a set of scissors, from the bottom to the top with a continuous set of scaffolding erection; intermediate portion can be spaced not more than 15m.
(3) at the height of 25m above the double scaffolding on the outside facade must be provided continuously along the length and height.
(4) scissors oblique pole and rod should be extended to connect a small bar, the lower end of the bottom of the diagonals should be placed on the plate.
(5) scissors take a long ringlock scaffolding diagonals, are used lap, lap length not less than 0.5m, set up two spin-fasteners.