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What are the Requirements to Build Scaffolding in Hydroelectric Projects

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What are the Requirements to Build Scaffolding in Hydroelectric Projects
Issue Time:2019-08-14
Conventional two load scaffold must not exceed 2.7Pa, after scaffolding tube barricaded, subject to the construction and use of acceptance inspection department, are allowed to use. Three special scaffolding parts used must be approved by the person in charge of design and technology, and only technical tests after the erection and use.

1, tube diameter should be 48 ~ 51mm, wall thickness 3 ~ 3.5mm, length 4 ~ 6.5m and 2.1 ~ 2.8m is appropriate. Severe corrosion, bending or cracks may not be used.

2, fasteners should be pre-qualified prove brittle deformation slide wire shall not be used.

3, steel scaffold boards should be 2 ~ 3mm thick steel plate of # 3 to the length of 1.4 ~ 3.6m, width 23 ~ 25cm, high 5cm is appropriate, there should be at both ends of the connection means, the board should have non-slip hole, all cracks, distortions can not be used.

4 Where the floor or other buildings when the erection of scaffolding, load-bearing parts should be checking structural strength.

5 prohibited scaffolding fixed on shaky unstable buildings or other objects.

6 steel scaffolding material shall meet the following requirements:

7 scaffolding rod, in a vehicle or handling equipment shall be provided by the local fence to avoid the collision by the passage of vehicles or transport equipment.

8 scaffolding tube should be regularly checked and found material decay, when binding loose, timely reinforcement. Near the blasting site scaffolding should be checked after each blast.