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How to Make Sure the Building of Scaffolding Tube is Safe

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How to Make Sure the Building of Scaffolding Tube is Safe
Issue Time:2019-08-13
According to the engineering characteristics: double steel scaffolding tube building pitch control stand about 30cm. We must meet the construction schedule. Erection once a height above the operating level step frame. Pole row spacing of no more than 2m, spacing 1.2m, on backgammon as 1.8m.

Bottom steel pole must be connected to different lengths and staggered position, the connection point of adjacent pole should not be at the same height. In addition to the use of lap top pole connector connection, the rest must be docking fastener connection, lap length no less than 1m. The first root vertical pole shall be temporarily located across every 6 m.

Parapet above the top of the top pole 1m and above the cornice epithelium is not less than 1.5m. Scaffolding should be closed form from one end of the scaffold with step within four weeks must pay longitudinal horizontal bar rings, horizontal bar wall to wall decor the distance is 15 ~ 20cm. each pole base must set up a 20cm vertical and horizontal sweep shot, with right angle fasteners and fixing pole.

Starting from the second step, the outer layer of the scaffolding tube operation should be set railing, railing height should take 1m. Foot gear lever height of no less than 15cm, and all using the outside bamboo and banana slices safety nets.

Cantilevered steel truss supported by a scaffolding pole, cross bar, bracing, abdominal rods. Junction point connection using fasteners, bracing node must be connected to a large bar with a right-angle fastener scaffold. An upper rail supporting truss must be directly Rachel and building structure, the lower part of the strut can be pulled through the pole supporting the wall of the building braced to resist horizontal thrust bracing.