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The Construction Material of Steel Tubular Scaffolding

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The Construction Material of Steel Tubular Scaffolding
Issue Time:2019-08-13
1) Selection of φ48.3 × 3.6mm steel pipe, steel pipe thinnest wall thickness is not less than 3.24mm (should not seriously corroded, bent, crushed or crack); old steel surface corrosion depth should follow the "construction of steel tubular scaffolding safety specifications "JGJ130-2011 provisions. To severe corrosion of steel drawn, three in each of the corrosion of the worst parts laterally truncated sampling check shall not be used corrosion depth exceeding a predetermined value. In addition, entering the pipe should be sampled retest qualified before use.

2) Fasteners warranty information should be complete, be sampled after the re-examination to enter the scene, technical performance should be consistent with the provisions of "pipe scaffold fastener" GB15831, and pick one by one before use, cracks, deformation, bolts of silk slip occurs strictly prohibited .

3) The use of bamboo or bamboo fence made of bamboo scaffold board.

4) Safety net with dense green mesh net, safety net flame retardant standards GB, and a safety net for the lighter to ignite the flame retardant performance test mesh 12 seconds after leaving the source of fire, flame continued burning no more than 4S. Applications 9MM safety net hemp rope, coir rope, nylon rope woven, each network should be able to withstand national standard 1.6KN impact test.

5) Cantilevered scaffolding No. I20 I-beam, the material should comply with the national standard GB / T700 or GB / T 1591 provisions "carbon steel cable" "high strength low alloy structural steel."

6) U-shaped reinforced steel cantilever beam fixed pull-ring with 16mm round steel, the material shall comply with "Part 1 Steel for reinforced concrete: Hot rolled steel" in the current national standard GB 1499,1 HPB235 grade steel requirements.