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How to Connect the Scaffolding Body with Buildings

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How to Connect the Scaffolding Body with Buildings
Issue Time:2019-08-09
1, even pieces of the wall should be set close to the main node, deviated from the main node distance should not exceed 300mm; when more than 300mm, should take strengthening measures. When the wall pieces near the pole pitches of 1/2, it shall be adjusted.

2, the bottom wall pieces should be the first step in a longitudinal horizontal bar at the beginning of setting frame scaffolding, when set there, it shall be fixed using other reliable measures. Wall pieces should be arranged in a diamond way, may also square, rectangular arrangement.

3, wall pieces should be rigid wall pieces.

4, even the wall horizontally disposed rod should, when not disposed horizontally, with one end connected to the scaffolding should be oblique connections should not be used to connect up the ramp.

5, with wall pieces spacing should meet the requirements of special construction scheme, should not exceed 3 horizontally across the vertical direction should not be greater than 3 steps, should not be greater than 4 meters (height of 50m above the frame body when should not exceed 2 steps) . Wall pieces in less than 800mm less than 1m and the top corner of the building should be encrypted.

6, a font, open at both ends of the frame scaffolding must be set with wall pieces, even the vertical spacing of the wall pieces should not exceed the ceiling of the building, should not be greater than 4m or two steps;

7, with the construction progress of the erection of scaffolding should, once erection height above wall pieces should not exceed two-step neighbor.

8, frame height exceeds 40m and wind swirling action should be taken to turn the flow of the anti-rise effect even wall measures.