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What Are the Usages of Ringlock Scaffolding System

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What Are the Usages of Ringlock Scaffolding System
Issue Time:2019-08-07
1. Multi-function. Depending on construction requirements, can be composed of a variety of modulus 0.6m group frame sizes and load single row, double frame scaffolding, cage, support columns construction equipment, materials and other features of the lift frame, and also can do curve placement . Scaffolding with adjustable lower bottom bracket, adjustable bracket, adjustable double early dismantling, cantilever beam, pick racks and other accessories in conjunction with various types of steel scaffolding used in conjunction with each other to achieve a variety of versatility.

One can erection on any uneven slopes and ladder-type foundation; the second is to support the stepped template, achieved as early as demolition; third is part of the support frame can be realized early demolition, erection can pass road, cornice wing; four, erection is with climbing frame, activity table, outside the bay to achieve a variety of functions supporting role. Fifth, it can be used as storage shelves in a variety of stage erection, advertising projects such as stents. Its pole has any contacts by 600mm long modulus function, also has docking fell use features for the use of special height dimensions provide convenient conditions. Multi-function steel frame scaffolding also use large standardized templates, the template for the new mount, installation, fixed and provide technical support.

2. Less structure, easy to set up and dismantle, the basic structure and special components enable the system to be adapted for a variety of building structures; only the pole, rail, oblique rod composed of three members, pole, rail and ramp all problems in the plant rod maximize the prevention of traditional activities scaffolding parts easy to lose, easy to damage and reduce the economic losses of the construction unit; the second is no activity locking member, maximize the prevention of traditional scaffolding activities locking member caused by hidden dangers.