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How to Prevent Scaffolding Accidents on the Construction Site

How to Prevent Scaffolding Accidents on the Construction Site
Issue Time:2019-08-06
1. Scaffolding job level protection requirements
Frame Scaffolding boards: scaffolding work layer should be paved scaffold board, between the board and the board immediately, away from the wall 120 ~ 150mm; when the layer between jobs and building scaffold boards gap is greater than 150mm, should take protective measures. Scaffold boards should generally be at least two layers, the upper layer of the job, the lower protective layer. When only one layer is provided scaffold boards should be set up under the net in the pocket with the layer scaffold boards. Should work down from the top layer of the scaffold board every 12m full layer of scaffold boards.

Protective railings and block feet: erection of the outer pole should be the inside; on the railing epithelium height should be 1.2m; block feet height is 180mm; the railing should be centered setting. Dense mesh pocket with net: scaffold efflux inside of the pole, to use dense mesh safety net closed. Dense mesh must meet the requirements of the tether, the network perimeter 45cm fastened on every scaffold tube.

2. The wall pieces setup requirements
Even spacing wall pieces arranged in addition to meet the computational requirements should not be greater than the maximum spacing; wall pieces should be set close to the main node, deviate from the master node should be less than 300mm; the first step should be the underlying longitudinal horizontal bar begin, otherwise other measures should be reliable fixed; should give priority to the use of diamond arrangement, it may also be square, rectangular arrangement; both ends of a shape, opening frame scaffolding must be set with wall pieces, even the vertical spacing of the wall pieces should not exceed the ceiling of the building and should not be greater than 4m.