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What Are Anti-skid Ability of Scaffolding Coupler System

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What Are Anti-skid Ability of Scaffolding Coupler System
Issue Time:2019-08-05
1) Multi-function: according to the specific construction requirements, composed of different groups of frame size, shape and carrying capacity of single, double scaffolding planks, cage, support columns, material hoist frame, climbing scaffolding cantilevered frame and other features of construction equipment. Can also be used to build facilities, lighthouse and other structures. Particularly suitable for the erection of scaffolding and heavy curved support frame.

2) High Efficiency: common lever in up to 3130mm, weight 17.07kg. Entire frame cannibalize faster than conventional three to five times faster, quick effort to fight the demolition workers with a hammer to complete all operations to avoid the inconvenience bolt operation.

3) Versatility: the main components are used ordinary steel tubular scaffolding planks of steel that can be used with ordinary steel fasteners connection versatility.

4) Large carrying capacity: pole socket connection is the same axis, pole against the crossbar with headers Bowl, the joint has a reliable bending, shear, torsional mechanical properties. And each rod axis intersect at one point, the nodes in the frame plane, therefore, the structure is solid and reliable, large capacity. (Whole rack capacity is improved, about than the same clear conditions www.99xianhua.net of steel tubular scaffold increased by more than 15%)

5) Safe and reliable: the joint design, taking into account the friction and self-locking spiral gravity, the joint has a reliable self-locking ability. Loads acting on the rail to pass through the lower pole Bowl, Bowl under a strong shear capacity (up to 199kN).