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How to Make Sure the Mobile Scaffolding in a Steady Way

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How to Make Sure the Mobile Scaffolding in a Steady Way
Issue Time:2019-08-02
Setting diagonals: oblique club member using 5000mm pipe specifications, covering the whole facade. Exterior vertical face test requirements: graphics at the same size, the scaffolding planks and rods straight and highly consistent intercourse.

Diagonal rod distance: Press pole longitudinal distance, 7000mm set a different direction than a pay rise scaffolding every 35m; 35mm or less 8500mm scaffolding set a different pair every direction. If a facade scaffold longitudinal distance is less than 7000mm, set the single-span zigzag diagonal bar.

Diagonal rod forming: do not take a long diagonal rod butt fastener connection should be used lap joint. Lap distance not less than 980mm, and with two rotating fastener securely connected, fastener from the joint position of not less than 980mm. As shown below. Take a long direction of the lever at the bottom of a long rod is connected stacked.

Foundation construction requirements:
Mobile scaffolding foundation: To backfill compaction in layers, the pad must pass Longwood Fang or wooden pole on the springboard. While moving the scaffolding construction, good drainage measures to prevent stagnant water causing scaffolding to sink. Erection process: After the mobile scaffold foundation construction is completed, the overall construction scaffolding erection also finish.

Erection criteria: overall appearance must be flat, smooth vertical and horizontal, consistent geometry. The inside of the connections are secure, flat smooth. All starting pole should be used 1500mm and 4000mm longitudinally staggered established. Avoid horizontal pole lengthening, increase the overall stability of the scaffolding, top shortfall, with 1500mm pipe filled. Mobile scaffolding pole start in the first vertical pole, erected outside pole after setting up the program. In keeping with the building pole 450mm clearance distance. In parallel outwardly extending pole spacing of 900 mm outside to take pole position. Later, according to the mobile scaffold planks design specifications set equidistant inside and outside pole.