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What Kind of Scaffoldings Can Be Used on High Rise Buildings

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What Kind of Scaffoldings Can Be Used on High Rise Buildings
Issue Time:2019-08-02
New high-rise building with scaffolding tubes generally uses the rack, frame scaffolding, cuplock scaffolding, scaffolding planks and so on with round buttons. In the use of certain technical requirements:

1, no matter what type of scaffolding, scaffold materials and workmanship used must meet the requirements, the absolute prohibition of the use of substandard materials to install scaffolding to prevent accidents.

2, the general safety scaffolding be sure to install within the technical rules for the height of more than 15m above the high-rise scaffolding, be sure design, calculation, detail, installation scenarios, a technical director and a written security technology training before installing.

3, for the risk of major and special crane pick, hanging, jack, stacker rack, etc. Be sure to also go through the design and approval. Prepare separate safety measures, can be installed.

4, the construction team accept the task, be sure to organize all the staff seriously understand the special safety scaffolding construction design and technical safety measures for training, seminars installation method, and sent good scaffolding planks technology, experienced technicians responsible for the installation of technical guidance and supervision.

With the increasing maturity of China's construction industry and improvement, bamboo scaffolding has been phased out in the construction industry, only still used in some remote and backward areas; racks only in municipals, bridges, and other small projects use ordinary pipe rack for its easy maintenance and long service life as well as a variety of inputs and low-cost advantages, China accounts for more than 70% of the domestic market, and a larger space for development.