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What Standards Shall the Welded Tubes of Mobile Scaffolding Meet

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What Standards Shall the Welded Tubes of Mobile Scaffolding Meet
Issue Time:2019-08-02
Mobile scaffolding for pipe requirements are relatively high, and generally required to achieve compliance with current national standard "straight seam welded pipe" (GB / T13793-92) or "low pressure liquid delivery welded pipe" (GB / T3092). The Q235A grade ordinary pipe , the material properties should be consistent with existing national "carbon steel" (GB / T700) of the required standards.

1.     Mobile scaffolding planks for the use of pipe size Φ48 × 3.5mm, pipe wall thickness of no less than 3.5-0.025mm. The Bowl, adjustable base and adjustable support bracket nuts should be malleable iron or cast steel, the material mechanical properties should be consistent in KTH330-08 GB11352 GB9440 provisions and in ZG270-500.

2.     Pole connector sleeve pipe wall thickness of not less than 3.5-0.025mm, an inner diameter of no more than 50 mm, the outer sleeve length not less than 160mm, extended length no less than 110mm. 3.5.7 welding rod should be on special tooling, all parts should be solid and reliable welded, weld height of no less than 3.5mm. Pole and pole attachment holes connected should be able to insert Φ12mm connecting pin. 1-4 crossbar installed on the node Bowl, bowl buckle shall be capable of locking on the scaffolding planks.

3.     Under Bowl, rail joints, tilt-rod joints shall be carbon steel manufacturing, the mechanical properties of the material should be consistent with GB11352 specified ZG230-450 of. By using hot galvanized steel Bowl integrally formed steel shall conform to GB700 standard requirements Q235A grade steel, plate thickness not less than 6mm. And by 600 ~ 650 C aging treatment. Non-use of waste rusting steel restructuring.

Mobile scaffolding pipe must meet the above criteria, because the quality of the relationship between the mass of the moving pipe scaffolding also related to the future construction quality.