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Can Frame Scaffolding Be Reused Like Other Scaffolding Products

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Can Frame Scaffolding Be Reused Like Other Scaffolding Products
Issue Time:2019-07-31
Whether the frame scaffolding systems can be reused? It is that many people are concerned about. Using frame scaffolding, we can certainly be repetitive use. For many projects, the ability to repetitive use of scaffolding can be obtained in terms of cost savings.

For the project, it is not a thing you can completely reduce the cost of the whole project, only to have to seriously consider everything, really determine what things can reduce costs, this aspect is the most critical. You have to actively take into account the relevant circumstances, and then do a serious choice, so the final cost will be guaranteed.

A wide variety of pipe wall thickness specification requirements are as follows: the old norms JGJ130-2001 standard 3.5 mm, the arm is 3.15 mm thick, and the new specification JGJ130-2011 demanding 3.6 mm, the thickness is 3.24 mm arm . But the construction site can often be found in the actual pipe wall thickness of less than 3.0 mm, which is bound to affect the carrying capacity of a single lever, the current general construction unit according to the actual pipe wall thickness 3.0 mm the strength and stability in design, the pipe wall thickness is less than the actual 3.0mm can not be put into use.

In addition, the pole vacated touching the ground, the bottom of the pole is not set pad or pads, concrete pouring point too concentrated cause local overload, may also lead to a full house scaffolding local deformation is too large or local buckling collapse.