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Which Will You Choose, the Mobile Scaffolding or Frame Scaffolding

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Which Will You Choose, the Mobile Scaffolding or Frame Scaffolding
Issue Time:2019-07-31
Because of the frame scaffolding unit is light weighted, convenient construction workers assembled, saving time and effort. Round horizontal bar ends are provided with a plug, welded stanchions ringlock and corresponding holes on the plug faceplate, so there is only just need to insert the pole at both ends of the horizontal bar corresponds to the hole, then hit tight to an action to complete the entire building process, no fasteners, without any tools, construction will readily accept. Safe and reliable to ensure worker safety.

This ringlock scaffold installation and removal is fast, maximizing the efficiency of construction, the work in advance, and the construction site neat appearance, maximize corporate image. This calculation, although the  unit price higher than the average price of steel scaffolding, but in the build speed, firmness, spend the hours and parts management are to maximize the overall efficiency.

Mobile scaffolding material requirements

1, the use of mobile scaffolding MF1219, specifications, performance and quality of the mobile scaffold and its accessories should comply industry standard "with steel mobile scaffolding" (JGJ76) regulations, and should have pre-qualified certificates and product logo.

2, horizontal pull connecting rod, sealing rod, sweep shot, scissors, use φ48 & times; 3.5mm steel, corresponding fastener specifications It is φ48mm.

3, pipe should be straight, flatness tolerance for the length of the tube 1/500; both ends of the surface should be smooth, without angled, burr; Do not use flawed (hard bend, flatten, etc.) and severe corrosion of the pipe.

4, connected to an outer diameter of 48mm steel fastener performance, quality should be consistent with existing national standards, "moving pipe scaffold fastener" ( GB15831) provisions, connecting pipe fasteners should be clearly marked and in accordance with existing national standards.