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How to Arrange Details in Full Hall Scaffolding Drawings

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How to Arrange Details in Full Hall Scaffolding Drawings
Issue Time:2019-07-30
The full hall scaffolding is a kind of equipment that can help to build the whole house. It is more stable than others with ideal application effect. The drawing of it is due during designation and the relevant regulations shall be set during specific erection.

The full hall scaffolding is used for decoration construction in large space buildings such as factories, exhibition halls, stadiums, which is made up of  steel scaffodling planks, standing tubes, transverse tube, diagonals and bridging supporting systems. The use of it is determined and up to its height like when the net height of carport is below 3.6M there is no need to calculate decoration scaffolding no matter what the decoration craft is used.

It shall be noted that when the height of carport is between 3.6M to 5.2M, the decoration scaffolding shall be calculated according the layer quota. If the height is over 5.2M, the carport decoration scaffolding shall calculate the basic layer and the added layer. The site pouring concrete includes slabs and scaffolding planks, the steel tubes below formwork and coupler are used as formwork supporting system which shall not regarded as full hall scaffolding parts.