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General Requirements of Erecting Scaffolding Tubes

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General Requirements of Erecting Scaffolding Tubes
Issue Time:2019-07-29
1. Steel fasteners scaffolding tube erection should pay attention to a flat solid foundation, the base, and the plate, and reliable drainage measures to prevent water soaking foundation.

2. According to the setting of the rod connecting the wall and load size, a common open double scaffolding pole. Horizontal distance is generally 1.05 ~ 1.55m, masonry scaffolding step distance is generally 1.20 ~ 1.35m or decorative masonry, decorative dual-use of scaffolding is generally 1.80m, pole vertical distance 1.2 ~ 2.0m, which allows the erection of a height of 34 ~ 50m. When a single row setting pole horizontal distance of 1.2 ~ 1.4m, pole vertical distance 1.5 ~ 2.0m, to allow the erection of a height of 24m.

3. A longitudinal horizontal scaffolding tube should be set on the inside of the pole, its length should not be less than 3 crosses, longitudinal horizontal bar docking fastener can be used, also can overlap. Such as the butt fasteners method, the docking fasteners should be staggered; such as the use of lap connection, lap length not less than 1m, and should be equally spaced three rotating fasteners are fixed.

4. Scaffolding master node (ie pole, vertical horizontal bar, horizontal bar three buckle close contacts) must be set at a right angle with the horizontal bar fastener and fastening Do not remove. Two center right-angle fasteners master node distance should not exceed 150mm. In double scaffolding, the horizontal bar against the wall at one end of the overhang length should not exceed 0.4 times the pole horizontal distance, and should not be greater than 500mm; horizontal bar on the job level at non-primary node, should be based on the support scaffolding plank requires equal intervals, the maximum spacing should not exceed 1/2 of vertical distance.