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Surface treatment of the mobile scaffolding tube products

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Surface treatment of the mobile scaffolding tube products
Issue Time:2019-07-29
1. HDG Mobile scaffolding accessories useful life of about 10 years, the surface does not require maintenance, in use, is not subject to any restrictions. But the high cost of raw materials need to adopt more complex. In actual use, there are many mobile scaffolding accessories as deformation, and other reasons, resulting in a lot of accessories, very easy to use scaffolding and even eliminated. Therefore, the overall service life of about five years. Therefore, the use of mobile scaffolding accessories time to pay attention to maintenance, to make life more, value in use more perfect. Overall cold galvanized scaffolding mobile accessories service life is about 5 years, no maintenance surface and moderate cost. The main process is: good welding galvanized scaffolding parts again, every part of the surface are galvanized. Surface treatment period of 5 years, and the phase-out period of use, it is close to occupy the market share.

2. The split cold galvanizing Mobile scaffolding accessories surface treatment process as follows: first raw materials galvanized pipe and then welding, weld with silver rust treatment, weld and surrounding easily rust. Lower than the overall cost of galvanizing cold galvanizing around 400 -500 dollars. Such process, in which the welding, because the pipe is galvanized pipe, resulting in welding firm reduced a lot in the market share of small.

3. Mobile scaffolding tube accessories rust process is mainly divided into: two kinds of transgression stenciled paint and rust scaffolding, scaffolding invasion paint is to paint on the scaffolding inside the pool, and then dry out. Stenciled scaffold surface rust treatment stenciled way. Rust scaffold need 1--2 years to maintain the surface rust, but of relatively low production costs.