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What are Advantages of Ringlock Scaffolding Tube Propping System

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What are Advantages of Ringlock Scaffolding Tube Propping System
Issue Time:2019-07-29
Construction site in the main application for the Frame Scaffolding, scaffolding erection as simple and quick, low cost. Ringlock (scaffolding) template support system in the bond pad button (Scaffold Frame) stencil production and sales experience, according to the market demand for the development of heavy-duty load-bearing structure, the pole with Ф60mm high strength galvanized pipe, high strength carrying capacity.

Secondary beam and the template consisting of a support system. The system is compatible with systems using ringlock Scaffold, now widely used in roads, bridges, tunnels, as Democratic National Construction Association estimated. And other high support and support within the project.

Ringlock button (scaffolding) Template Support System Advantages:
1,      The basic components less, easy to install, easy to lose
2,      The flexibility to meet the requirements of various construction geometry of the structure
3,      Hot dip galvanized surface treatment, durable
4,      Safe, equipped with working platform plate and each floor has a safety handrail