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What are the Drawbacks of Steel Tubular Scaffolding

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What are the Drawbacks of Steel Tubular Scaffolding
Issue Time:2019-07-29
1, steel versatility poor. Large scafffolding steel ships are designed for a project, its size is only applicable to the project, you can not use the turnover as steel a large investment.

2 large steel bulky, heavy, off-site long-distance transport difficulties. Construction site requires a large storage area for steel and if on a narrow construction area, the use of large steel is inappropriate.

3, large steel construction project only applies to standard layers, when the height of the building was changed, such as the height of the basement, first floor, conversion layers, etc. are not standard height, therefore, the need to use other types of steel with complex, not easy to effect control construction management and construction.

4, large steel surface is 6mm thick steel plate, the use of the main beam and the frame 8, 10 channel, monolithic weighing about 2t, when the selection of the tower crane, lifting capacity 200t.m must choose more models therefore the mechanical input costs increased, especially for areas with high mechanical input costs, high construction costs.