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shape steel products
Issue Time:2019-07-26
H shape steel is known for its intersection in the shape of I and it can be used as steel prop structure, structural materials such as structural ringlock scaffolding, fencing and floor material, handrails, foot bridge and working platform, wire separating frame, tool shaft and substation, etc.

Common I shape steel and light weight I shape steel, as their intersection size is quite large but narrow, and the distance between inertia moment is large as well, so the steel can be only used on the bent elements in a flat surface or they can be re-managed to be a lattice type load bearing element.

The flange edge of H shape steel has increased in its width, and the internal and external surfaces are always in balanced structure, so it can be used in the high strength nut and other elemental connection. The H shape steel is reasonable in size and full ranged in type so it is easy to design and use. The H shape steel is an efficient and economical material with reasonable intersection shape. They can play to the full the steel material’s efficiency and load bearing capacity.