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How to Decide if the Ringlock Products are Qualified

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How to Decide if the Ringlock Products are Qualified
Issue Time:2019-07-26
The ringlock scaffolding product systems, which were originated from Germany, is coming into the market with the social background of “low carbon emission, environmental protection, safety and harmony to have a sustainable development”. It is a hybrid of international high techniques and domestic construction requirement standards. And nowadays, it is in a fast developing state to lead the whole scaffolding industry to the development fashion of efficiency, safety and harmony.

The contractor can choose the geometry size of the frame according to the actual requirements and it is better to make 2m for the lift between the adjacent transverse tubes and the longitudinal space be 1.5m or 1.8m below the maximum space of 2.1m. The transverse space is better to be 0.9m or 1.2m.

For the standing tubes in the ringlock scaffolding, there shall be adjustable base plate at the tube bottom and the standing tubes in the first level shall be crossing placed and with various lengths. And the vertical separation shall be 500mm.