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Scaffolding Erection Management Standard and Measures

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Scaffolding Erection Management Standard and Measures
Issue Time:2019-07-25
Management standard
1.    if the erection height is over 1.5m, it shall use the scaffolding and the ringlock scaffolding type can be chosen according to the construction site. All the quality shall be checked with supervisors before the erection.
2.    all the scaffolders shall wear safety belts and ties to work under the supervision of appointed personnel. The whole construction process shall be checked and monitors by safety inspectors.
3.    scaffolding made of metal can connect with steel tube and spigot with a diameter of 40mm. The extrusion length of each tube end of scaffolding shall be no more than 100mm and there shall be at least 3 transoms under the scaffolding board. During the erection, the perpendicular ratio of scaffolding shall be adjusted and the biggest erection deviation shall be within 100mm.

Management measures
1.    All the workers shall be risk appraised and valued before working at height.
2.    Workers shall be trained and learn knowledge about working at height.