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What Features of Ringlock Scaffolding Do You Know

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What Features of Ringlock Scaffolding Do You Know
Issue Time:2019-07-24
1 multiple functions.
The use of ringlock scaffolding shall meet the construction requirement on building site and the erectionof them shall be categorized according to different lengths. Their sizes and shapes can be chosen as long as their scaffolding accessories of supporting frames, material lifting frame and cantilevered frames.

2 it is easier to manage the ringlock scaffolding system
All elements of ringlock scaffoldings are standardized and each element is painted with different colors to ensure an aesthetic outlook as well as the convenience in staging, making it easier to manage on the construction site.  

3 wide generality and universality
All the main ringlock scaffolding members are made of steel which can connect couplers. So the universality can be well employed.

4 large load bearing capacity
All standing tubes of ringlock scaffolding are coaxial and they are connected by ringlock disc at the end. The joints are tested with higher anti bending capacity and torsion force to make sure all the tubes can interchanged at a same point.