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How to Master the Acceptance Criteria of Scaffolding

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How to Master the Acceptance Criteria of Scaffolding
Issue Time:2019-07-24
The rapid development of scaffolding projects in the country, we all know scaffolding safety is the most important, how to ensure the safety of scaffolding, to understand the technical specifications except after scaffolding erection of scaffolding erection complete, whole inspection and acceptance is also very important, today small and share acceptance criteria scaffolding project.

Acceptance criteria scaffolding works mainly in the following aspects:

1, the quality of the materials used in the scaffolding must meet the requirements.

2, scaffolding solid foundation, not water, have to meet the requirements of the plate.

3, the total length of the horizontal error ledger shall not exceed 6cm. Pole high vertical deviation of not more than 1/200 of aircraft, small bar deflection rod length is not greater than 1/150, the rod spacing pitches meet the design requirements.

4. Even the walls have enough points to set up a vertical distance of each 4m, 6m provided a first horizontal distance, and then pull the building secure.