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Prediction of Scaffolding Development Momentum in China Market

Prediction of Scaffolding Development Momentum in China Market
Issue Time:2019-07-24
From the current point of view the use of construction scaffolding, its still mainly concentrated in the eastern coastal city area, but with the new urbanization development, the central and western regions for scaffolding demand will increase. From scaffolding provinces search index can also be seen, Sichuan Province for Scaffolding attention has been ranking. And many western underdeveloped areas, still using bamboo scaffolding, steel scaffolding has a certain substitution effect.

By Industry Investment Opportunities Analysis: Scaffolding is mainly used in housing construction, railways, roads, bridges and airports, from 2014, real estate development and investment growth can be seen, the real estate industry development and investment growth has steadily declined, demand.

Scaffolding by Housing services to rail, highway and other fields, from the scale of investment and growth in railways, highways and other areas, the railway industry investment continued to increase, the future focus areas downstream demand. Different types of scaffolding investment opportunities: At present, the main use of construction scaffolding fastener scaffold, the proportion of up to 75%.