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Do you know any about the new type ringlock scaffolding

Do you know any about the new type ringlock scaffolding
Issue Time:2019-07-23
Ringlock Scaffolding is the most advanced modular scaffolding system with high safety performance, saving labor, convenient ride demolition, the amount of savings, and the overall appearance. Continued fastener type is ideal scaffold after the upgrading of products.

This ringlock Scaffold breaks the traditional scaffolding fastener bolt connections, the use of pre-welded joint is welded to the ends of the crossbar connector means and the helical rod, pole eight-hole plate,using gravity the principle of self-locking wedge pin, fully replace steel fasteners and the rail and pole and oblique rods connected together to form a stable triangular structure plane, then the plane structure of three-dimensional compositions, eventually forming a stable structure of space technology.

Zhonghong scaffolding, no loose parts, one or two ordinary workers need only a hammer to install the scaffolding then it will split button 6-8 times faster than the fastener scaffold, the overall stability of the intensity ratio Bowl scaffold 2 times, standardized components easy to manage and transport.