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Steel structure has several advantages over traditional buildings

Steel structure has several advantages over traditional buildings
Issue Time:2019-07-23
First, a significant reduction in scaffolding construction waste: traditional architecture produces 200 kilograms of garbage per square meter, a building of about 50,000 square meters of a discharge tons of waste.

Construction waste accounted for 30% -50% of municipal waste, construction materials and transport construction dust accounted for 10-30% of urban air pollution, water consumption is great, and pollute the water, and dry steel building construction, so noise pollution, dust pollution.

Second, sustainable, reuse: steel used in construction materials, steel is determined most of the building materials as the main structure, different materials can be recycled and reused, with the recovery of steel up to 90% advantage, once can a large number of construction, steel building will become a "steel storage warehouse", and when the demolition of buildings, will not cause waste pollution.

Third, the high level of factory: steel construction 85% to 95% of the parts are in the processing plant, a decrease of approximately 60% of the number of field operations than traditional buildings. At the same time easy to dismantle, some products can be reused, recycled materials. Transported to the site is not fragmented steel, concrete, insulation board, but a block wall panels, stairs and other "parts"; workers under mechanical mating of these "parts" quickly assembled into a building after another.