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How to erect the indoor scaffolding in a reliable way

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How to erect the indoor scaffolding in a reliable way
Issue Time:2019-07-22
An important factor in our interior decoration will be scaffolding to help us solve the paint and install firmware provides, easy to choose the right scaffolding is necessary, the price is selected, the best way is to have a special interior scaffolding erection program, as it makes fitting easier and the technical skills needed to install.

Interior scaffolding erection program the following requirements, into the interior of the wall in masonry, wall plaster, decoration stage, the use of pole spacing 1.5m, step away from the 1.8m, paved operating layer 50 thick stamped steel scaffold boards. Erection of scaffolding platform operating layer is not less than 1.2m limb protection and a high-speed 180 and the inside of the foot hanging over the dense mesh safety net. Single-pole, pole horizontal distance, vertical distance are 1.50m, pole away from the wall 300mm.

Pole position adjacent joints should be staggered, arranged in different pitches inside, out of sync or different across the two adjacent joints horizontally offset distance of not less than 500mm, each of the joint center to the nearest main node distance should not be pole spacing is greater than 1/3. Each master node must be set to a horizontal bar, right angle fasteners and fastening in longitudinal horizontal rod portion projecting at the ends of a length of not less than 10cm. The rod axis offset from the main node distance should not exceed 150cm, bent double, the outer side wall extending length should not exceed 50cm. These indoor scaffolding erection program will have a very detailed description, only need to operate in accordance with procedure.