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Why does scaffolding have accidents during construction

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Why does scaffolding have accidents during construction
Issue Time:2019-07-22
I. Causes
(A) dimension in the course of construction, illegal command managers at all levels is one of the causes of the accident. In addition, the operator's own illegal operations, will cause a lot of accidents. Especially when engaged in scaffolding erection and dismantling, failing to correctly wear helmets and safety belts. Not to wear a helmet or not wearing a seatbelt, just be careful not an accident, when falling from height accidents have occurred resulting.

(B) thereof scaffolding erection does not meet specifications. In the part of the construction site, scaffolding erection does not regulate the phenomenon is relatively common, one layer of protective scaffolding operation is not standardized; the second is dense mesh, mesh pocket horizontal tying weak, failing to set up inter-layer pocket with mesh and a layer network.

(C) the safety management scaffolding erection and dismantling, the contractor shall prepare security aspect, if there is no preparation of safety specifications, the construction process by personal experience of the operator, it may be in violation of rules, norms and other technical problems, causing major casualties. Another problem area is security management, security checks in place, unable to find timely accidents. The casualties occurred in the process of erection and dismantling of scaffolding, most of violation of technical standards and rules and other issues failed to discover the problem, after the problem is not found or timely rectification and correction, resulting in some major production accidents.