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How to make the scaffolding erection strong enough

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How to make the scaffolding erection strong enough
Issue Time:2019-07-22
Even spacing wall pieces arranged in addition to meet the computational requirements, should not be greater than the maximum spacing; wall pieces should be set close to the main node, deviate from the master node should be less than 300mm; the first step should be the underlying longitudinal horizontal bar begin, otherwise other measures should be reliable fixed; should give priority to the use of diamond arrangement.

It may also be square, rectangular arrangement; both ends of a shape, opening scaffolding must be set with wall pieces, even the vertical spacing of the wall pieces should not exceed the ceiling of the building and should not be greater than 4m; height of 24m below the single and double bent, should adopt a rigid wall pieces reliable connection with the building.

We can use the top stretch and stays attached to the wall with the use of the connection, do not use just pull flexible rib wall pieces; height of 24m above the double bent, must be rigid wall pieces and building a reliable connection; wall pieces of the wall connecting rod or reinforcement should be arranged horizontally, when not disposed horizontally, and scaffolding connect one end of the connection should be under the ramp, the ramp should not be used on the connection.