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Which mobile scaffolding market has price low but quality good

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Which mobile scaffolding market has price low but quality good
Issue Time:2019-07-22
Mobile scaffolding has advantages in the following aspects:

1.timber preferably; stable quality; style, complete; with a flexible. All timber are all a hot-dip galvanized steel pipes and steel scaffolding materials Q235;

2. the needs of different customers, thickness 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm, 2.2mm-2.5cm;

3. the weight of 60-100 pounds;

4. style, complete, ladder, door frame, bed frame, door frame combination ladder 1 meter roof rack.

5. The conventional rack rod weight 7 pounds, 8 pounds, 10 pounds, 13 pounds, 16 pounds, 1 m roof rack rod 6 pounds, 8 pounds, 10 pounds, 11 pounds;

6. pedal weight 18 kg, 20 kg, 22 kg, 24 kg, 26 kg; a wall thickness of the connecting rod all 1.8mm; rugged biggest bright spot - Pedal 1. Pedal is also a hot-dip galvanizing; 2. strong third generation new process mesh pedal, linked to welding position on the edge, never fall off the hook to ensure more effective prevention of the pedal rollover; 3. hook all 8.0mm thick 345B manganese steel material, different from other carbon steel hook, hook scoliosis effectively avoid the disadvantages linked to the emergence of carbon steel.