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How to enhance the scaffolding engineering management

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How to enhance the scaffolding engineering management
Issue Time:2019-07-19
In many large engineering projects construction scaffolding, scaffolding management is also a major problem. Strengthen the technical and management measures Scaffolding works, should not only pay attention to the aforementioned common problems, particular attention should be new situations and problems in the following six aspects that may arise under the following brief analysis.

1) With the emergence of a large number of high-level and difficult construction projects, multi-storey building scaffolding framework approach can not meet the construction requirements and meet them, not only by experienced workers carry out erection, design calculations must be rigorous, and Shi tube to master its technology and construction requirements to ensure safety.

2) For the first time, there is no precedent, difficult, new scaffolding, on the basis of careful design, the need to make the necessary load test, test its carrying capacity and safety margin in order to ensure reliable after official use.

3) For the high-rise and large span buildings and scaffolding have other special requirements, since the safety requirements corresponding increase, therefore, must be strictly limited to their settings and configuration requirements and carefully monitored.

4) development Scaffolding, multi-purpose, its bearing and deformation characteristics (for example as a template support frame will withstand vertical and lateral loads of action) put forward higher requirements, it must be considered.