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What are requirements for scaffolding tubes and accessories

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What are requirements for scaffolding tubes and accessories
Issue Time:2019-07-19
Scaffolding safety, scaffolding rod parts is also provided. Scaffolding bars, components, connectors, and other accessories scaffold boards must meet the following quality requirements prohibit the use of substandard by:

1. Scaffolding rod steel parts are made of galvanized pipe, the ends of the cut pipe should be flat. Prohibit the use of significant deformation, cracks and severe corrosion of the pipe. When using ordinary pipe, should the inner and outer layer of rust and regular brushing to keep it intact recoating.

2. Scaffolding fittings and pipe diameter shall be fitted in line with our current standard of malleable iron fasteners. When using steel and alloy steel fasteners, its performance should be malleable iron fasteners comply with the appropriate provisions of the indicator. It prohibited the use of substandard processing, rust and cracked fastener. 

(1) processed products should meet the design requirements.
(2) ensure that the connector body frame scaffolding rod reliable.