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Calculation of site pouring concrete frame scaffolding engineering

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Calculation of site pouring concrete frame scaffolding engineering
Issue Time:2019-07-18
1, On site reinforced concrete columns, illustrated by column perimeter dimension plus 3.6 multiplied by the column height in square meters, apply the corresponding external scaffolding fixed.

2, On site reinforced concrete beams, walls, according to the design height of the outdoor terrace or floor between the bottom, multiplied by the beams, walls in square meters of net long, apply the corresponding double external scaffolding fixed. 

Calculation of scaffolding engineering decoration works:
1, Full scaffolding, according to the indoor net area calculation, its height is between 3.6-5.2m, calculation of basic layer, more than 5.2m, 1.2m each increase by an additional layer of computing, does not count less than 0.6m. Expressed as follows: Full scaffolding increasing layer = [interior clear height of -5.2] /1.2 (m)

2, Cantilevered scaffolding, according to erection length and number of layers to extend in meters.

3, Suspended scaffold, according to the erection level of projected area in square meters.

4, The height of more than 3.6m wall decoration can not use the original masonry scaffolding, scaffolding decoration can be calculated. Decorative double scaffolding outside shall be 0.3 times.