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How to make sure the safety of workers on scaffolding board?

How to make sure the safety of workers on scaffolding board?
Issue Time:2019-07-18
(1) evenly distributed load of suspended surface should strive to avoid concentrated loads on one side.

(2) through the beams and other components to the wall with the installation with transport, it can not be stored on the scaffolding.

(3) heavy construction equipment (such as welding, etc.) shall not be placed on the scaffolding. Non-template support, wind cable rope, pumping concrete and mortar feed pipe shall not fixed to the scaffolding and any suspension lifting equipment.

(4) due to the need of certain jobs must be removed at the lever even wall point, it must obtain the consent and construction supervisors and technical staff, and adopt reliable which may be removed back to solid measures.

(5) when the frame job, do not arbitrarily remove the safety protection facilities, no setting or setting does not meet the requirements, must make a high or improved in order to be added to the job. Scaffolding before scaffolding demolition work, the demolition should develop a detailed construction plans and technical security measures. And to participate in the work of all security personnel in technical removal.