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How to dismantle floor steel tubular scaffolding safely

How to dismantle floor steel tubular scaffolding safely
Issue Time:2019-07-18
In many construction industries scaffolding erection is an important project, scaffolding erection of each program are not the same, in which the removal process is also an important thing to involve security issues, the following share with steel floor scaffolding removed security technical measures.

1.     Before Dismantling thoroughly inspect the proposed demolition of scaffolding, according to test results, preparation of the work program, for approval, conduct technical tests before registration work. Job projects generally include: Dismantling of procedures and methods, safety measures, materials stacking location, labor organization arrangements.

2.     Dismantling work should be divided into zones, located around the wire for fences or warning signs erected, the ground should set up special command to prohibit non-operating personnel.

3.     Dismantling of workers in high places should wear a helmet, wear seat belts, tie legging, wear non-slip soft-soled shoes.

4.     Dismantling procedures shall comply with the top down, in principle, the demolition after the first take, that first split lever, scaffold boards, scissors, bracing, and then removed a small bar, a large bar, pole, etc., according to step a clear principle in turn. Dismantling the upper and lower non-simultaneous operations.