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Where to buy frame scaffolding from China?

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Where to buy frame scaffolding from China?
Issue Time:2019-07-17
Gantry scaffolding since the main door frame was shaped, so called door-type scaffolding, also known as the gantry. This scaffold consists of main frame, horizontal frame cross bracing, scaffold boards, adjustable base and other components.

1.    Wide use, indoor and outdoor decoration, store billboards, bridges, building support walls scaffolding.
2.    Multi-function can be used alone, dual-use.
3.    High efficiency flexible, fast disassembly without screws, made with efficiency.
4.   Large capacity, good stability.
5.   Safe, reliable, self-locking joint capacity, standardized series.
6.   Easy to manage, neatly stacked.
7.   Economical and practical, low cost, small footprint.

1.    Support for the top as master mold support frame buildings, halls, bridges, viaducts, tunnels and so on.
2.    The inside and outside of the row grid for high-rise building scaffolding.
3.    Activities for mechanical and electrical installation work platform, built the hull and other renovation projects.
4.    Use the scaffolding coupled with simple roof trusses, can constitute TWA dormitory, warehouse or shed.
5.    For the erection of temporary reviewing stand and bleachers.