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Application features of swivel couplers

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Application features of swivel couplers
Issue Time:2019-07-17
Construction fastener is in one of the primary convergence and viewpoint scaffolding pipe is fixed, such as the establishment of bridging the division will be applied to the swivel fastener. Swivel fastener in the use of time-division must ensure base line spacing of 150mm within the master node, it should be the inner wall of the arc steel wall and scaffolding  plenty of touch, tight fitting, then apply tensional torque is 40N M of T type bolt, so as to ensure proper use. 

Swivel fastener base refers to the orientation of the rotation base fastener mounted on scaffolding tube frame, the master node is a point of convergence and vertical scaffolding tube cross rod, Bridging diagonal rod using swivel fastener is fixed at the intersection of the horizontal and transverse rods projecting end or on the pole. 

Overall speaking, comprising swivel fasteners including all commodities in the use of time division are relatively simple to operate process also not messy, that is the first detection of a construction worker working attitude, must be carefully detailed, no small construction sites, construction workers in the use of fastener division shall not be taken lightly.