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Requirements on the steel tubular scaffolding with couplers.

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Requirements on the steel tubular scaffolding with couplers.
Issue Time:2019-07-17
Protective frame with steel fasteners style double scaffolding, construction and renovation construction structure using the same scaffolding, scaffolding outside of using dense mesh safety net all closed.

1.The construction must not exceed the design load: 2.5KN / square meter.

2.A small bar, a large bar and the main pole is the transfer member vertical loads. The shear Supporter, bracing and wall pieces mainly to ensure the scaffolding overall stiffness and stability. And strengthen the ability to resist vertical and horizontal action. The wall pieces are to withstand the full wind load. Fastener is composed of a whole rack coupling member and the force transmission member.

3.Erection requirements: The project eaves height 17.1 m, according to the height of 18 meters erection consideration. Pole with 4 meters, 6 meters in two lengths staggered lap.

4.The program by taking the maximum height of 21 meters erection were checking;

5.Using Φ48 3.5mm double steel scaffolding erection, pole horizontal distance b = 1.0m, the main lever longitudinal distance l = 1.5m, in the pole away from the wall 0.2m. Scaffolding Step h = 1.8m, scaffolding plank from the ground 2.0m 1.8m beginning of each set a (paved), a total of six layers, the main structure of the building and the location of the scaffolding connection point, the vertical spacing H1 = 2h = 2; 1.8 = 3.6m.