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Features and classifications of common scaffolding products

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Features and classifications of common scaffolding products
Issue Time:2019-07-17
In construction, the demand for the product due to different carrying load, divided into two major categories of products supporting frames and scaffolding. Scaffolding is mainly used in building facades and decoration loads relatively small place, and the support frame is applied to roof houses and bridges pouring template support system load relatively large areas. 

Press tower access form and intended use:
① template bracket - for supporting the template, scaffold erection material shelf
② single row of scaffolding - called single bent, that is, only a row of pole, one end of the horizontal bar resting on the wall a scaffold
③ double scaffolding - short bent double, that is, from the scaffolding
④ renovation scaffolding composed of two rows of the inner and outer pole and horizontal bar, etc. - for renovation work
⑤ construction scaffolding structure - for masonry and structural construction job
⑥ cantilevered scaffold - used in equipment installation or maintenance job cantilever

By component form:
① steel tubular scaffold: fastener by the pole, horizontal bar, scissors, bracing, sweep shot, wall pieces and scaffold boards and other components.
② cuplock steel scaffolding: the lever node uses Bowl connection, all member axially connected.