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What are the main forms of scaffolding product

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What are the main forms of scaffolding product
Issue Time:2019-07-16
Scaffolding refers to the construction site for the workers to operate and resolve the vertical and horizontal transport and erection of various carriers. Construction industry generic term, referring to the construction site for use in exterior walls, interior or higher storey construction can not directly place for construction workers to work up and down or perimeter security network maintenance and high altitude installation member, etc., usually are: bamboo, wood, steel or synthetic materials.

Scaffolding main forms: First, in accordance with the positional relationship of the building division:
External scaffolding: scaffolding along the outer periphery of the building erected from the ground, both for exterior masonry, but also for decoration and construction. The main forms of multiple pole type, frame type, bridge and so on. Multi-pole type most widely used, followed by frame type. Bridge applications minimum.

Scaffolding: scaffolding erection inside the building, one wall after each puzzle completed, will transfer it to the floor level as a new layer of masonry; it can be used for interior and exterior and interior masonry construction. Scaffolding uses less material, but can be frequent assembly and disassembly, and called as light and flexible. The structure types are foldable, pillar and door-frame and other.