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Introduction of erecting the temporary scaffolding system

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Introduction of erecting the temporary scaffolding system
Issue Time:2019-07-16
Using Scaffolding needs to design a program, if the schedule is tight you can make a temporary scaffolding erection program so it can be done as soon as possible, a relatively more specific programs according to the actual situation to decide; usually small projects need to build scaffolding, the scale will not be much, but for those who need large construction scaffolding as well as the number of installations will take some time. 

Project base construction process, laying the waterproof layer and reinforced concrete construction and other procedures genus aerial work, erection of scaffolding required , the general operation simple and convenient fastening scaffolding. The main material is 48; 3mm steel pipe, steel card (fasteners), scaffold boards.

Steel shall not have cracks, holes, should not have shrinkage, trachoma, oxide. Bonding surface fastener steel pipe must be strictly plastic, steel fasteners tight and ensure good contact, when the fastener clamp pipe, the minimum distance openings shall not exceed 5mm, fasteners moving parts should be flexible rotation, rotation two rotating surface fastener gap should be less than 1 mm.