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Standard of erecting the double line scaffolding with metal coupler

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Standard of erecting the double line scaffolding with metal coupler
Issue Time:2019-07-16
1) should be strictly in accordance with "the construction of steel tubular scaffold safety specifications" (JGJl30-2001) regulatory requirements.

2) should be strictly screened before the erection of the steel pipe, where severe corrosion, thin-walled, severely bent rod fission should not be used.

3) severe corrosion, deformation, cracks, damaged threaded bolt fasteners should not be used.

4) Except as provided scaffolding set up outside, must be prepared to deal with drainage.

5) high-rise steel scaffolding base stand, must have a channel on the ground rod connection protection, ordinary scaffolding pole must be provided to protect the base.

6) should not be used to make steel socket-type bottom step staggered pole purposes.

7) All fastener tightening torque should reach 45 ~ 55N

8) a small bar in the same facade, such as in dealing staggered position, while the upper and lower pole of the straight.

9) take a long diagonal rod, docking fastener should not be used. Should be overlapped manner, two rotary fastener to take a long, lap distance, as the two fasteners intervals of not less than 0.4m. The main lever scaffolding should not be used wood, bamboo materials.

10) high-rise building metal scaffolding rod, lead wire should not be used to pull climbing, it must be buried in the form of pieces of rigid material.