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What are the rental scaffolding fees and its advantages

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What are the rental scaffolding fees and its advantages
Issue Time:2019-07-15
Usually projects require the use of the scaffolding, this will not only help the construction but also ensure the safety of personnel, so this is a necessary tool, which is made up of many component parts, and now basically use stainless steel products.

There are many advantages for the scaffolding under the following understanding, its carrying capacity is large, when the geometry and construction scaffolding comply with the relevant requirements of specifications, under normal circumstances, the bearing capacity of single-tube scaffolding uprights up to ten tons of easy assembly and disassembly, flexible erection. Because the tube length is easy to adjust the fastener connection is simple, and thus can be adapted to a variety of flat facades of buildings and structures with scaffolding.

The scaffolding rental fees, there is the newness of the material. According to the specific requirements of different groups consisting of frame size, scaffold works shape and carrying capacity of single, double scaffolding, cage, support columns, material hoist frame, construction equipment climbing scaffolding, cantilever racks, and other functions. It can also be used to build facilities shed, feed shed, lighthouse and other structures. Particularly suitable for the erection of scaffolding and heavy curved support frame.