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Introduction of each scaffolding tube and its functions

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Introduction of each scaffolding tube and its functions
Issue Time:2019-07-15
(1) Scaffolding pole in a horizontal plane perpendicular to the vertical rod;

(2) Is not close to the pole double scaffolding pole side of the wall;

(3) Pole double scaffolding pole close to the side wall 

(4) Flat bar (horizontal rods or rails) scaffold horizontal bars;

(5) Along the longitudinal flat bar flat longitudinal rod scaffolding;

(6) Along a transverse flat bar flat bar transversely disposed ringlock scaffolding;

(7) Oblique scaffolding pole or rod and lever flat bar skewed;

(8) The role of oblique rod in tension diagonals;

(9) Are arranged in pairs of scissors oblique cross bar (refers vertically setter);

(10) Horizontal scissors horizontally arranged scissors;

(11) Bottom reinforcement rod close to the ground, connecting rod pole roots level;

(12) Along the longitudinal bottom reinforcement rod longitudinally disposed;

(13) Along the lateral sweep shot scaffolding sweep shot laterally disposed;

(14) Connected to the transverse rod seal bottom reinforcement rod first step, the door frame on both sides of the column;

(15) Connected to the scaffolding and wall pieces of the wall structure member;

(16) Fastening bolt fastened fastener.