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Specifications and standard of building and removing scaffolding

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Specifications and standard of building and removing scaffolding
Issue Time:2019-07-12
Scaffolding erection dismantle technical specifications and standards process:

1. must wear a helmet at work, aerial must wear seatbelts, after non-spill operation.

2. The scaffold erection must strictly follow; construction and installation technology worker safety rules; requirements and construction scheme, the scaffolding must be solid and reliable construction

3. shall not take, when the demolition of scaffolding, must pay attention to the construction site of electricity, such as distribution box , cable, external lines, etc., is prohibited throw litter, to prevent electric shock or wounded others.

4. scaffold boards to be covered, fastened, no probe board, and firmly fixed to the ringlock scaffolding supporting any part of the scaffold shall be associated with the template, scaffold boards should both turn out sequentially from the inside, when laying the first block or turn to the outermost piece of scaffold boards must be firmly linked to the seat belt.

5.scaffolding outside, ramps and platforms to tie 1 meter high protective railings and nail 18 cm high block feet or protective Legislative Network, laying security facilities be inspected regularly to ensure that operators and small mechanical on safe passages.

6. scaffolding materials and tools to be neatly stacked, snow and debris should be promptly removed. Sloping scaffold boards, to add non-slip strips of wood.