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How many parts is the scaffolding with coupler made of

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How many parts is the scaffolding with coupler made of
Issue Time:2019-07-12
Steel tubular scaffolding pipe rack, also known generally as by the steel, fasteners, base, scaffold boards, safety net.

⑴ pipe: general pipe size dimensions φ48.3 & times; 3.6mm. Depending on the position and role of steel scaffolding, and can be divided into steel pole, vertical horizontal bar, horizontal bar, even the wall rods, scissors, horizontal bar, such as oblique. Scaffold erection requirements when building frame exceeds the total height of 1.8m, generally small pole spacing 2.0m, pole horizontal distance of not more than 1.5m, even less than three-pole wall three-span, double scaffolding set scissors lateral bracing. Each interval ends and the middle of the scaffolding 15m, should be set a scissors to strengthen its longitudinal stability. In the height direction, and about every 6m building and then pull crossbars once to prevent the dumping of ringlock scaffolding outside. Wall rod must be constructed to withstand tension and pressure. 

⑵ fastener: fastener connection between the pipe by, right angle fastener, rotating fastener, docking fastener and anti-slip design requirements unconnected with anti-slip fastener several. Fasteners must be able to ensure that no deformation node, shelf stability is the key. Using fasteners, the bolt tightening torque twist up 65N.m.