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How to make sure the safety of erecting scaffolding system

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How to make sure the safety of erecting scaffolding system
Issue Time:2019-07-12
Today, scaffolding erection with small series shares mobile scaffold erection requirements. Mobile scaffolding erection before construction requirements: pre-construction should be carried out step by step security technology correspondent, the implementation of all technical safety measures and personal protective equipment, mobile platform installation and construction program can not be real without the ride down, demolition and construction. Ride, demolition of course, are not allowed to touch an electric line pipe.

Construction of found defects and potential problems must be promptly addressed. When the erection of mobile operating platform, and strictly control the construction loads. When necessary due to the temporary removal of facilities or changes in job security, consent must be approved by the person in charge of construction, reliable and take appropriate measures. Provisions should be restored immediately after handling the mobile scaffold erection construction: operating workers mobile operating platform must wear a helmet, seat belt (internet connection fence), wear non-slip shoes the job.

Let someone should always check on the scaffolding, identify problems in time, to correct, to avoid a major accident. In the erection of ringlock scaffolding, you must set up the escalator board prohibited climbing on scaffolding. Take the demolition site and the use of stage set for special care must be prohibited non-construction personnel into the work area.