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What are the diameters of all the scaffolding tubes

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What are the diameters of all the scaffolding tubes
Issue Time:2019-07-12
Scaffolding steel pipe which is not only for the transmission fluid and powdered solids, heat exchange, but for the manufacture of mechanical parts and containers. Building structure with steel pipe manufacturing grid, mechanical support, light weight can be reduced, saving 20 to 40% metal, and can achieve mechanized factory construction. Not only can save with a steel pipe manufacturing steel highway bridge, simplifying the construction, and can greatly reduce the area coated with a protective layer, save investment and maintenance costs. 

For example: deviations and tolerances, length delivery, uneven wall thickness, ovality, curvature, size tolerance.Scaffold pipe diameter. There are many standard models: usual length (also known as non-random length): Where the length over the length of the standard and no fixed length requirements are referred to as normal length.Such as structural pipe standard: hot-rolled (extrusion, expansion) steel 3000mm ~ 12000mm; cold drawn (rolled) steel 2000mmm ~ 10500mm. 

Double length should be within the range of usual length, the contract should specify a single double length and constitute a multiple ringlock scaffolding of the total length (for example, 3000mm & times; 3 multiple of 3, that is 3000mm, the total length of 9000mm).