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Attentions for the construction of scaffolding in rainy day

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Attentions for the construction of scaffolding in rainy day
Issue Time:2019-07-11
Construction process will encounter all kinds of bad weather and the rain is particularly important in construction safety issues. Rainy Day makes scaffolding slip easily from what careless and negligence may lead to accidents. Therefore, construction of rain, scaffolding what measures should be taken to ensure the safety of construction it?

(1) reinforcement scaffolding basis. Many scaffolding is a direct stand on the basis of earth and rock, in case of rain will be heavy rain soaked subsidence, causing the scaffold support or suspended scaffold overturning. To prevent such accidents, in the bottom of the scaffolding padded steel or stone for the foundation.

(2) add an appropriate connecting rod member and buildings. This increases the ability of anti-overturning scaffolding integrity and increase stability;

(3) other places on the scaffolding to passage should be prepared for people to slip and fall-prevention measures, such as the timely replacement of the surface is too smooth pedal, on both sides of the channel to install protective nets;

(4) connectors regular inspections of ringlock scaffolding junctions, if found to be loose or displacement timely reinforcement and restoration.