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Classification and features of scaffolding made of steel tube

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Classification and features of scaffolding made of steel tube
Issue Time:2019-07-11
China is now using steel materials used in the production of steel tubular scaffolding have scaffolding, steel scaffolding bowl button, socket type steel scaffolding. Its materials and construction situation to begin and may be roughly divided as follows
1) a single standard steel scaffolding. It only uses a standard steel pipe, such as steel tubular scaffold, only Ф48 & times; 3.5 welded pipes.
2) a combination of a variety of specifications of steel scaffolding coupler. It consists of two or more different sizes of steel pipes, such as gantry scaffolding.
3) to the steel-based scaffolding. Namely steel-based, supplemented by other types of scaffolding steel rod member constituted as provided in the base of the channel backwater or scaffolding, there are connecting plate pick scaffolding.  

Second, by way of passing the vertical force divided between the bar and the pole
1) by the friction force transmission contact surface. Namely by frictional contact surfaces at the node after pressing reaction force to support the rail loading and pass pole, such as the role of fasteners, bolts through positive pressure on the friction force;
2) by weld force transmission. Most of the bars and the pole socket coupling are used in this way, the door frame also belong to this way.